Consistency the key in February

January 2016 has come and gone, with another month of solid training and good technical work behind me. February is here, which means the Australian Athletics Tour meets have just begun and we are about to see season openers, competition ‘show downs’ and big throws!

This is always a fun and exciting time of the year as I am transitioning into specific training. I enjoy the transition because it generally means everything I do in training is fast and powerful and provides an opportunity to speed up and fine tune all the general strength I’ve built during the off season! This is the time of the year when you start feeling indestructible and start craving a competition.

Our track classics often offer a ‘show down’, adding extra excitement to the competitions. I’m lucky enough to compete against two of the worlds best female javelin throwers, Kim Mickle and Kathryn Mitchell. These two ladies always bring their A-game, so while it’s great to catch up and have a laugh it’s all business when we step on the runway, and let’s be honest, none of us want to come away with second or third place.

Of course, the best thing about competing is big throws! This is what I live for! It is the most amazing feeling to let go of the javelin and watch it soar, and that’s what I’m aiming to do in each competition. I have already thrown my Rio Olympic qualifier, so for me, this domestic season I will be aiming to consolidate the consistency of my throws, within each competition, as well as across all my competitions. I am also aiming to throw a personal best (PB), so the number to beat this season is 63.92m.

I will be aiming to start my season at the ACT Championships this coming weekend (7th Feb) and from there compete at the Track Classics. This year Women’s javelin will be in Canberra (Feb 20th - home competitions are awesome!), Melbourne (March 5th) , Perth (March 12th) and Brisbane (March 19th) . My domestic season will finish in Sydney, on the first weekend in April, with our annual Australian National Championships.

Watch this space for competition updates and all things javelin.
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Kelsey-Lee Barber